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When Your Lawyer is Your Doula

“That doesn’t make sense, for her to wait until after she’s abused to call me. If she’s really worried about it, I can meet her at the hospital as her doula, and make sure that doesn’t happen.”

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Birth Trauma & Maternal Mental Health | Video

As part of the free Mother May I Series, we are honored to present a webinar with Dr. Sayida Peprah, hosted by Cristen Pascucci and Birth Monopoly, on Birth Trauma & Maternal Mental Health. Dr. Sayida Peprah Dr. Sayida is both a licensed clinical psychologist and...

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Three Things Your Doula Can’t Tell You

Some moms don’t realize that doulas can’t say every little thing that’s on their minds, and they have professional standards that may preclude them from talking to you like you are a best friend.

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Kentucky Birth Monopoly: Begging for Birth Centers

“While there may be some overlap in the services provided, … it is a stretch to claim that traditional hospitals providing only hospital-based birthing environments offer services similar to an [alternative birth center].” – Judge J. Phillip Shepherd

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