At just 30 minutes long, this video course is easy to digest but packs BIG impact.  It was created at the request of doulas who asked us to help them describe some of the common realities of maternity care that aren’t so talked about.  It’s essential insider information for savvy parents.

This course is also great for newer doulas looking for language about how to communicate with clients about routine practices and their most basic rights.  (Price: $34)


The first and only course on obstetric violence in the U.S.! Course objectives include: Taking a trauma-aware approach within ourselves; A working definition of obstetric violence and discussion of its various manifestations; What the research says about obstetric violence; Advancing the science on obstetric violence: Obstetric violence as a reproductive rights issue; Principles of advocacy for the birth room; and Trauma informed care as preventative of obstetric violence.

Our signature course is required education for all Evidence Based Birth® Instructors and is now available to you, too!  This popular self-paced video course is the first and only in the U.S. on this topic, covering the basics around birthing people’s rights in the hospital and giving a broader context for those rights–fundamentally changing the way you will view maternity care. Folks who have taken Know Your Rights call it “revolutionary,” “a game changer,” and “the thing that made all the difference in my practice.”

It’s not just so-called cattiness… It’s horizontal violence: aggressive and hostile behavior among members of an oppressed group.  And it’s extremely damaging to the doula profession!  Let’s talk about what it is, how it manifests, and how each of us can address it. (Price: $34. Bundle all classes together: click here)

With guest expert Heather Thompson, PhD, this is an “entry-level” class for anyone involved in birth work.  It is primarily white people talking to white people, covering a definition of terms; how systemic oppression operates; a historical review of race and reproduction in the U.S.; the impact of race on birth outcomes; white privilege in birthwork; and answers to the question, “What can I do?” (Price: $34. Bundle all classes together: click here)

Half of 2019 sales proceeds go to Black Mamas Matter.

Guest expert and birth lawyer Hermine Hayes-Klein joins Cristen Pascucci and several experienced doulas for a discussion about how doulas can help clients prepare to stand up for their rights in childbirth without creating conflict, options for recourse after rights violations have occurred, and what changes are happening in the climate around human rights in childbirth. (Price: $34. Bundle all classes together: click here)

Birth Monopoly provided over $2,000 in scholarships to women of color for Know Your Rights training in 2019.


Do I get Continuing Education credit for this course?

The Know Your Rights course is worth 1.5 contact hours.  You will need to check with your certifying body to make sure they accept them.  Contact hours are provided through Evidence Based Birth®, which is an approved provider with the Kentucky Nursing Board.  These are accepted by most doula, nursing, and midwifery programs.

How long do I have access to the course?

From the day you sign up, you will have one year of access to the course and any related materials like downloadable PDFs (which are yours forever), Facebook groups, or live Q&As.  You may renew for the next year and stay locked in at the original price you paid.

Who can take these courses?

Anyone is welcome to take the course with the understanding that the material is geared towards birth professionals, especially doulas.  We encourage nurses and other medical professionals to engage with our courses.

Do you do group discounts?

We offer group discounts of 10% off for groups of 5 (five) or more.  This applies to the full purchase price of any course and does not apply to sale or promotional prices.  Please contact us at birthmonopoly@gmail.com if you’d like to purchase as a group.

Still have questions?

Email us at birthmonopoly@gmail.com.