“It has been such a process learning how to advocate for my clients respectfully.”

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“That Day as a Doula, I Felt Like a Witness to Rape”

Doula Traci Weafer

How to Advocate Without Getting Kicked Out

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Rebecca Dekker

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$16M Plaintiff Talks About Doulas & Birth Assault

L&D Nurse

Obstetric Violence on the Job & How to Make Change

Alabama Doula

Culture Shift in Alabama, Assault in Labor & Delivery

New York Doula

Wrestling With Trauma & Misogyny on the Job

Are You A Witness?

Obstetric violence is normalized mistreatment of women and birthing people in the childbirth setting. It is an attempt to control a woman’s body and decisions, violating her autonomy and dignity. It has also been termed “disrespect & abuse” by the World Health Organization.

Over 60% of doulas and L&D nurses in the U.S. and Canada report they “occasionally” or “often” see providers administering a procedure without giving the patient a choice or time to consider it. (2014 Maternity Support Survey)



Experienced doulas Traci Weafer and Hannah Ellis
on preventing and responding to obstetric violence in the hospital

Interested in learning more? Traci Weafer coaches and mentors doulas at all stages of their practice.  Hannah Ellis offers an in-person obstetric violence workshop for doulas in the Huntsville, Alabama, area.

Support Your Clients in Their Rights

A “must” course for nurses and doulas!  Learn about your clients’ most important basic rights, the forces that shape those rights, and what’s happening now in birth rights.  Arm yourself with information to give you and your client CONFIDENCE, plus resources you can use right in the hospital.


Birth Rape and the Doula

A conversation with researcher and doula extraordinaire Amy Gilliland, PhD, author of Doulaing the Doula

When Your Lawyer is Your Doula

Human rights lawyer Hermine Hayes-Klein shares about her first experience as a lawyer-doula: “This is for the doulas, and anybody else interested in human rights in maternity care.”

Birth Rights

Explore Birth Monopoly articles on ethics, law, and human rights around childbirth.

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