As part of the free Mother May I Series, we are honored to present a webinar with Dr. Sayida Peprah, hosted by Cristen Pascucci and Birth Monopoly, on Birth Trauma & Maternal Mental Health.

Dr. Sayida Peprah

Dr. Sayida is both a licensed clinical psychologist and a birth doula. In addition to her clinical work, she is a presenter and consultant on topics of cultural competency, mental and maternal mental health. She serves as an instructor and consultant for the Association for Wholistic Maternal and Newborn Health. She is also a member of the Black Women Birthing Justice Collective, promoting research, education and community-based services to positively transform birthing experiences of women of color. Dr. Sayida currently serves on the California Maternal Quality Care Collaborative, Maternal Suicide Review Committee, working with other health care providers and researchers to identify key factors in preventing maternal suicide. Dr. Sayida is the mother of two daughters, born with midwives, one hospital, one at home.

Dr. Sayida can be reached at www.drsayidapeprah.com.

Birth Trauma & Maternal Mental Health

A few aspects we will cover include:
– What makes a birth traumatic?
– Who is more likely to have a traumatic birth?
– What does birth trauma look like in the family?
– What is the difference between birth trauma, postpartum depression, and PTSD?
– What can parents do after they’ve had a traumatic birth?

Mother May I? Consent begins at birth.

One-third of women describe their births as traumatic and many also say they were shamed and silenced afterwards when they tried to talk about it.  Mother May I, a new documentary film by Cristen Pascucci and the Birth Monopoly Foundation, looks at why and how this is so, primarily from the perspective of obstetric violence survivors.  This includes Caroline Malatesta, the Alabama woman who won a $16 million award in a groundbreaking lawsuit for fraud and negligence after she was assaulted and injured during birth.

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Mother May I Series | Dr Sayida Peprah VIDEO from Cristen Pascucci on Vimeo.