I know I’ve said this before but… This community rocks.

Last week as we were rolling out the “How to File a Complaint” manual, the group Life After 4th Degree Tears (private Facebook support group is here; follow them on Instagram here) contacted us to ask if they could put some money towards manuals and consultations for other people. Of course I said, absolutely, and we didn’t even have a chance to announce it before those donations were snapped up.

Also, without even mentioning it to me ahead of time, several members of our Know Your Rights community (doulas and a nurse) went ahead and purchased manuals to be held for people who needed them but couldn’t access them for financial reasons. If that’s you: shoot us an email at birthmonopoly_at_gmail.com. We have limited stock right now!

These scholarships are in addition to the number we set aside in honor of the women I’ve known personally over the years who pushed forward to demand accountability after being harmed and traumatized in birth. As I was putting this together, I couldn’t stop thinking, “This one’s for Rachelle; this one’s for Ashlee; this one’s for Kimberly; this one’s for Christine; this one’s for Lisa…”

Reflecting back on those women’s situations, it gives me chills to think about how far this movement has come since the days when we had to protect their identities from the public because of the shaming and derision they would face for simply saying, “I matter, too.”  I’m not kidding.  Eight or nine years ago, for a birthing person to come forward to say, “I’m being forced into a C-section against my will,” was to invite trolling and threats against them for having any other attitude than, “Do what you want with my body; I don’t exist.”  Whew!!

Now, we are announcing that Birth Monopoly will match any donations made by this community for this community through May 5, 2021. Donate here at the “Pay It Forward” link in any quantity. Quantities of two or more will go towards private consultations with me as well as the manual for an individual.

Please email us at birthmonopoly_at_gmail.com to tell us WHY you decided to give, or WHO it is in honor of.

I continue to be amazed at the ways we support each other. This community has so much power. And I think we’ve barely even tapped into it. There’s lots more good stuff ahead.


If you would like to GIVE a scholarship, go here.

If you would like to RECEIVE a scholarship, email us at birthmonopoly_at_gmail.com.

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