Birth Allowed Radio Episode 7

Episode 7 - Georgia Mothers Fight a Hospital Monopoly / **TW for description of non-consented episiotomy** Katie Kissel was stunned when, she says, Dr. Dawn Mandeville didn’t wait for her consent and cut an episiotomy on her during her first baby’s birth...

Birth Allowed Radio Episode 6

Episode 6 - A Feminist OB Puts Her Patients in Charge & Outcomes Improve In this episode, Cristen speaks with Jesanna Cooper, an obstetrician at an urban Alabama hospital serving a high-risk population.  Dr. Cooper describes the unintentional outcomes of a change...

Birth Allowed Radio – Episodes 1-3

How are women “allowed” and “not allowed” to give birth on their own terms? In our first three episodes,
we discuss the Kentucky birth monopoly, home birth, obstetric violence, bans on vaginal birth after Cesarean (VBAC), and being a doula in an abusive system.

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