As I celebrated my birthday this month, I realized I had never really talked to my mother about my own birth story. Join me in reliving that experience with my mom, Michelle Pascucci, as she recalls what it was like to give birth – and feed a newborn – in 1979.  Yes, that’s us in the photo!

While she had a great experience with childbirth education (I had no idea she did Lamaze!), there were times in the hospital she wished she was provided more guidance.

“When they said ‘do you want an epidural?’ I’m familiar with it, but don’t know what’s going to happen. And so when I got numb, then I’m realizing ‘oh, that’s what the epidural does.’”

As my mom and I delved into some family history, I also discovered some fascinating details about my maternal grandmother–who was a nurse for 50 years–including her relationship with the healthcare system during her time and some deep trauma that she suffered in her relationship with doctors.

“My mom gave herself to her work in the health department – she did it the way she had always done it – but she carried that heaviness of not being able to reconcile his death along with vowing never to work in a hospital again.”


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