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Upcoming: Presenter, Obstetric Trauma Symposium, Obstetric Anesthesiology Conference (April 2018), Pittsburgh, PA

  • Featured Speaker, Evidence Based Birth’s Be the Change Conference, “Horizontal Violence in Birth Work,” (Sept. 2017), Lexington, KY
  • Featured Speaker, “Exposing the Violence: Power and Abuse in Maternity Care” (Oct. 2016), Cincinnati, OH
    Event sponsors: Charles Phelps Taft Research Center at University of Cincinnati, Luminous Bodywork Ltd, Cincinnati Birth and Parenting Network, Roots Wellness, TummyTime!, and Roots Wellness
  • Presenter, “Break the Silence,” Human Rights in Childbirth Europe Summit (Oct. 2016), Strasbourg, France

  • Host, L.A. Virtual Circle: “How Doulas Can Support the Legal Rights of Clients” (Sept. 2016)
    Live webinar hosted by Birth Monopoly and L.A. Doula Project

“I attended one of Cristen Pascucci’s daylong seminars and was curious to see how someone could talk for hours on this seemingly dry topic. She blew me away with her depth of knowledge. The day passed quickly as we enjoyed her wit and wisdom. Even stopping for lunch seemed a waste of time when she had so much to offer. I now feel equipped with the knowledge to be a force for good changes in my area.” — Rebekah Porter, Organizer, Empower Your Birth Nashville

  • Keynote Speaker, Doulas of North America (DONA) national conference in Seattle, WA (July 2016): “Horizontal Violence & the Future of the Doula Profession”

  • Featured Speaker, Evidence Based Birth’s Kentucky Birth Summit (May 2016): “Legal Rights of Childbearing Families”
  • Speaker, International Cesarean Awareness Network of Greater Cleveland, Women, Power, and Birth event (April 2016): “Stand on Your Rights”
  • Speaker, University of New Mexico Annual Women’s Health Conference (February 2016): “American Childbirth: Exposing the Silence”  |  Workshop host: “OB trauma panel: Sharing of traumatic experiences using patient and provider case studies”
  • Workshop host, Flock Yeah! Advanced Doula Training, Albuquerque (February 2016): “Human Rights & Horizontal Violence”
  • Keynote speaker, Colorado Doulas Association annual conference (November 2015): “Horizontal Violence & the Future of the Doula Profession”

  • Workshop host, Flock Yeah! Advanced Doula Training, Nashville (September 2015): “Advocacy, Respect, and Horizontal Violence”
  • Featured speaker, Birth Without Fear Meetup Columbus (May 2015): “Respect in Birth”
  • Presenter, Empower Your Birth Conference Nashville (March 2015): “The Empowered Consumer: Three Things Every Parent Should Know About Hospital Birth”
  • Round-table facilitator, Human Rights in Childbirth Conference, Blankenberge, Belgium (November 2014)

“Beyond informative, inspiring, and essential for any birth worker or advocate. Cristen Pascucci is continually insightful, passionate, and articulate. I learned more than I had hoped! This is knowledge that will carry into my doula work, and birth advocacy. Thank you, Birth Monopoly!” Alex, Nashville, Tennessee

(Yes, that’s Michel Odent)

  • Host, Stand on Your Right” workshops: “Demystifying Legal Rights in Childbirth and How to Use Them,” a half-day class and discussion for mothers, birth professionals, advocates, and lawyers

Los Angeles, CA (March 2014)

Nashville, TN (May 2014)

Syracuse, NY (June 2014)

Albany, NY (June 2014)

Manhattan, NY (June 2014)

NJ (June 2014)

  • Keynote speaker, Empowering Fearless Birth Conference Nashville (March 2014): “Three Keys to Standing on Your Rights in Childbirth”
  • Presenter, Birth Activist Retreat, Salt Lake City, Utah (July 2013): “Human Rights in Childbirth” & “Media 101”

“Cristen Pascucci’s presentation at the University of Kentucky pushed my students to think critically about the assumptions that many people hold about the ‘medical necessity’ of most birth interventions and the fact that, contrary to what the general public believes, many of these interventions actually decrease the health and safety of newborns and mothers. It is not an overstatement to say that many of my students’ minds were blown…” — Shannon Bell, Asst. Professor, University of Kentucky

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