Malatesta vs. Brookwood Trial Wrapup Video

Hear all about the famous Malatesta vs. Brookwood trial–which ended in a $16 million verdict for the Malatesta family for fraud and negligence by the hospital–from someone who saw the whole thing!

What:  Live streaming video – you may ask questions and comment live on the chatroll below the video!

When:  Monday, August 15, 9 p.m. to 10 p.m. EST

Who:  Hosted by Cristen Pascucci of Birth Monopoly, with guest Jennifer Crook (an Alabama certified professional midwife and lobbyist who also attended the trial), and moderated by Dr. Rebecca Dekker of Evidence Based Birth

Where:  The video will be free on to watch here on Birth Monopoly for 24 hours, beginning at 9 p.m. EST on Monday.  After Monday, we will post a link to the video’s permanent home where it will be available to purchase.

WATCH the video below.
ASK your questions in the chatroll to the right.  You may register to chat via Facebook or as a “guest” by registering at chatWING.  We anticipate lots of questions!  It won’t be possible for us to answer all of them, but we’ll do our best to get to as many as we can.

These videos are closed to the public after August 16, 2016, but you can still get them by clicking on the button below!

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